Our mission

At WeightLossHQ, we’re on a mission to provide you with safe, customized, physician-supervised weight loss programs.
Our personalized coaching model and friendly, knowledgeable team of experts gives you the tools to make a life-long commitment to nutritional wellness and healthy living.

About us

What we do

WeightLossHQ is a unique, comprehensive medical weight management and aesthetics center that helps you to find the best version of yourself.

At WeightLossHQ we utilize evidence-based practices as a foundation for providing you with high-quality care and support resulting in the ultimate goal of sustainable weight loss and health improvement.

Our physicians provide supervised medical weight loss programs including intensive dietary management, behavioral health, fitness and aesthetics, all customized to meet individual needs.

Successful and sustainable weight loss requires determination, education, discipline, and support. WeightLossHQ is a judgment-free zone and we are looking forward to designing a special program that meets your specific needs today!

Our team

Who we are

Dr. Maggie and Dr. Greg met ten years ago at a local hospital. They have seen first-hand how problematic obesity can be to human health. Their experiences and conversations led to a dream of opening up their own center to educate patients on the importance of nutritional wellness and commitment to a healthier lifestyle. It is their goal to bring their knowledge and expertise to you via WeightLossHQ.

Magdalena Gasiorova, MD Co-founder of WeighLossHQ

Dr. Maggie’s fabulous accent originates from the Czech Republic. Her natural curiosity coupled with her father’s constant encouragement as well as a full academic scholarship motivated her to attend Medical School in Poland. After graduation, she relocated to the United States and finished her residency in Internal Medicine. She has been practicing Hospital Medicine since 2009. Dr. Maggie has always been interested in Gastrointestinal Medicine and nutrition. She has previously worked at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston furthering her studies under experts in parenteral nutrition and diseases of the digestive tract. She has seen chronic health problems that are directly linked to obesity from her past training and current daily work. This has fueled her desire to become an Obesity Medicine Specialist. She is excited to offer new options for weight loss. Dr. Maggie wants to make a difference, by helping you become a healthier version of yourself, inside and out! Dr. Maggie lives with her family in the Dublin Ohio area. She enjoys reading, exercising, creating and cooking low carb recipes, and traveling with family.

Gregory Scott Mangen, DO Co-founder of WeighLossHQ

Dr. Greg grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio. Fascinated by exercise and the sciences, he studied at The Ohio State University and earned two separate Bachelor of Science Degrees in Nursing and Nutrition. He continued his commitment to education by attending medical school and received his degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Des Moines University. He has been practicing Hospital Medicine for the past decade. Dr. Greg has always had a passion for sports, exercise, and staying fit. While working in the field, he has treated patients with sedentary lifestyles as well as unhealthy weight, that has led to further chronic health problems. His commitment to help patients and desire to further his education, has guided him to become an Obesity Medicine Specialist. With this new training he is eager to help individuals find a healthier version of themselves, inside and out! Dr. Mangen has been married for 17 years and has 3 wonderful children. He currently resides in the Plain City Ohio area. He enjoys running, playing guitar and piano, and hopping from one kid event to the next. Dr. Mangen is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Board Eligible in Obesity Medicine.


What our clients say

“Last year was the hardest year of my life. I encountered a total knee replacement due to a knee injury and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had three surgeries in 7 months. To say the least I was exhausted, depressed, physically out of shape and had basically given up on any hopes of ever becoming healthy. I had never been healthy and had been on every diet in the State of Ohio. I had been on every TV, magazine and internet diet you could look up including a Gastric Bypass, that was until a friend of mine from Columbus talked to me about not going on a diet but for health reasons changing my life. The staff at HQ has totally changed my life.Their support system is unbelievable. It is nothing like I have encountered before. They are compassionate, professional, non judgmental and they truly want to see me succeed. They have taught me I can change my diet but my thoughts about this process has to change also. That is where I found peace in all of this after I resisted for so many years. My ways of thinking about my relationship with food were extremely outdated. For the first time I found this in a place that is not about just taking my money and pushing me out the door but a place where I feel comfortable in my journey. I am having so much success for the first and last time in my life! I’m not on a diet. I’m changing my life!!!”

Pat Fair
Career Want to be a part of our team?

WeightLossHQ is currently interviewing candidates to join our team! At WeightLossHQ we utilize evidence-based practices as our foundation for providing patients with high quality care and support resulting in the ultimate goal of sustainable weight loss and health improvement. Interested individuals will be trained on site and expected to take pride in the confidential programs designed for each client. Office is client-centered, fun, friendly, and non-political in nature. Intrigued?

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